Traditional Chinese dishes: stir fry chive and dry tofu AND Szechuan dry pot

In this post, I will share two popular traditional Chinese dishes on our dinner table: stir fry chive and Szechuan dry pot. No quantified recipes for these dishes today...

Stir fry chive: fresh chive is so delicious and rich in vitamins and fibers. Chive is also a good source for cholesterol lowing! 

Szechuan dry pot is pretty similar as stir fry, mixing vegis and meat. You can tweak the recipe the way you want, but don't forget the key vegi: lotus root, soy bean sprout, chines celery and green pepper. I like to add potato in my dish too.... We have poor light in my dining room now, so sorry for the dark color of the dish...

Thank you for your reading.


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