Sweater cardigan with YSL belt: introducing Alterna Caviar hair serum

Vince cocoon sweater cardigan
YSL leather belt (from DSW luxe810, in store)
Tiffany open heart necklace
Happy Wednesday! It was so beautiful this morning, sunny and around 50F. Fingers crossed winter ended today!

Prada sunglasses (aslo good here)
J Brand pants
B Brian Atwood pumps (less than $100 here with 550 reviews!)

Since I need size 65 or 70 waist belts, it is unbelievably hard to find one that fits. To wear a belt that is one or two size longer, I used to make a knot (a good blog post here introducing 4 different ways). Recently, I had the luck of finding couple size 65-70 belts from Intermix (here) and DSW luxe810 store. Now, I prefer to a neat look without a knot.

Before close this post, I also want to introduce my favorite hair serum (here)! A while ago,  I read a post about hair care products on a fashion forum. A lady mentioned Alterna Caviar anti-aging polishing serum, which she has used for many years (for styling, anti-frizz and color protection). After a month of use, I am very happy with this serum and would like to share it with all of you. Like Kielh's hair serum, 1-2 drops can make the hair silky, shining and non-frizzy. In addition, Alterna Carviar may prevent hair getting greasy, and make the later styling easily. The effect of this serum can definitely last over two days. 

Thank you for your reading!


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