Shades of camel - gold: Vince sweater & Ash high top wedge sneakers in antic gold

Vince sweater
DL1961 angel jeans (here, or another spring color here)
Ash high top wedge sneakers (here with promotion till 3/24)
Once my friend's 4yr boy complained, ' it is so unfair! why is Friday so far away from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday!' I could not agree more with him that time flies so fast during the weekend. It was almost 4pm when we left gym today (actually I felt I just got up). 

Mulberry Alexa in pumpkin
Thanks to the spring, it was still bright with sunshine outside at 5pm now which allowed us to play with our new zoom lens (Nikon 24-70mm/f2.8, here; there is a promotion for this lens currently). 
Bottega Venetta pumps
Here I also paired this outfit with BV pumps. Which shoes do you like more with this outfit, pumps or sneakers? 

Thank you for your reading!


  1. The pump matches the sweater and jean better for me. The first outfit, the shoes and jean match perfectly. For the top, I personally think hoody might be better.

  2. Feel " oh, I am relaxed" in sneaker, and "ah, my feet hurt" in pump. :) Just my personal feeling about pump.
    Have a great new week! Liye

    1. Can't agree more, no matter how comfy those pumps are... Sneakers are good for chasing kids in the park, in the mall or anywhere in between~~~


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