Hey, Austin --- SouthBites, SXSW

Sunday; Sunny day; SouthBites; South by Southwest (SXSW). 

The South by Southwest is a conference and festival hosted in Austin, TX once a year in March. During the festival, you will see a lot of different events from original music, independent films, to emerging technologies. It’s also a great time for attendees all around the U.S. to enjoy the food culture in Austin, including the well-known food trucks. 

Today we went to the SouthBites with our friends Tim and Amy. SouthBites gathers local gourmet food trucks and is open to the public. It is located at the corner of Rainey and Driskill streets. If you are interested in going there, you can park your car for free at the Mexican American Culture Center. 

East Side King

One of my favorite Austin food trucks is east side king. 

I specifically like their pork belly sliders. So, that’s what we ordered. They recently opened a new location at Hole in the Wall on the 2538 Guadalupe Street. We went there once and tried their ramen (so many ramen places in Austin these days). Huh…I am not a big fan of their ramen. Do try their Poor Qui’s Buns (roasted pork belly in steam bun), though. Very good!

Our friends ordered noodle. I tried one bite, tastes pretty good, too. 

Foreign & Domestic

Foreign & Domestic also has a food truck this year in SouthBites. 

Remember I told you before I really like the beef tongue we tried in their restaurant? So, when we saw they serve pulled beef tongue sliders we ordered it for sure. Well, not as good as what we thought it would be. The bread was a bit too hard to bite; the sauce was too strong, and the beef tongue was shredded so it’s hard to taste it. Just my personal opinion. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try if you like their restaurant. 


Crazamance is another food truck we tried. 

Never heard of this food truck before but what attracted us is the type of cuisine they serve – African cuisine. We ordered Lamb and Love, a wrap with grounded lamb, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. A bit sweet but tasted actually pretty good. Btw, somebody was so hungry so I only got to take a picture of the half of the wrap that was left on the plate.

We ended our lunch with a cup cake from Hey, Cupcake! Well, another famous food truck in Austin.

 Here is their double dose chocolate cupcake. 

See the paper that was used for us to hold the cupcake. It ended up on the wall of “Keep America Beautiful.” The whole American map you see below is made of all kinds of trashes. Quite unique, huh? 

Like food trucks in Austin? Come to visit!


  1. You are a foodie too...... Mentioning ramen, next time you visit the east coast, we will bring you to an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant in NYC. We love their ramen A LOT!

  2. Sounds good. :) That would be great!


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