First picture at our new house: Moncler quilted dress & Prada sneakers

Moncler quilted dress
Happy Saturday! The winter storms in the early spring this year significantly slowed down our new construction. Half of the foundation is just done and I had my first picture at our 'house' - if it can be called as house... 

house @ 3.16.2013
Melting snow resulted in a messy and soggy walk site. It took me half an hour to clean the sole of my shoes - my new grey color sneakers.

Prada lace-up sneakers (similar here and also great here; affordable choice here)
After I planed to invest a pair of cool sneakers, I had been debating among Isabel Marant, Chanel, Miu Miu (here) and Prada. This pair won the battle because of the color and shoe lace. Grey shoes are in style nowadays, if not always! They are not as picky as white ones, but light enough to for spring and even summer. The very special shoe lace is another niche point, making this pair super chic. I received many compliments today. Ladies, these shoe laces can be easily DIY but will significantly change the fate of a pair of sneakers. Besides these premium designers, Superga studded sneakers are also the choice (here)!

Balenciaga bag, city

Thank you for your reading!