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Ingredient A:
All purpose flour 500g
White sugar 50g
Baking Powder 8g

Ingredient B:
2% Milk 290ml
Active Yeast 5g

1. Load A in a bread machine, and start dough program to mix dry ingredients in A (let it work while you prepare the step 2 and 3).
2. Microwave milk to lurkwarm. It takes about 1min 15 sec with a 1300w microwave.
3. Mix yeast to the lurkwarm milk.
4. Add milk/yeast mixture to the bread machine.
5. After dough program finishes, the dough should double in size. If not, wait for additional time.
6. Shape the dough and line parchment paper underneath each dough. Cover the dough with damp paper towel for 30 minutes.
7. Put dough on the top of a double boiler, over simmering water, for 9-10 minutes.

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1. 将原料A加入面包机,把面包机调到面团程序,使干料充分混合
2. Milk 放入微波炉加热到温热,时间根据自己的微波炉的功率而定。(我家微波炉是1300W, 大概1分到1分15秒就可以了)
3. 把Yeast 加到温牛奶里, 充分搅拌均匀
4. 缓慢的把Milk Yeast 溶液 加入正在搅拌的面包机里
5. 面团程序结束以后,如果面团已经发酵到两倍大,取出后用手再揉一揉,就可以造型了。如果面团还没有膨胀到足够大,就需要等面团继续发酵。
6. 馒头,或者花卷造型完成后,每个下面放一张相同大小的parchemnt paper, 可以防止粘锅。用湿的厨房餐巾盖上,醒30分钟。当看到馒头再次膨胀应该就可以了。
7. 入已经上汽的蒸笼,大火9-10分钟就好了。



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