Bloch snow white flats $68 Prada sport high-heled boots $109

Bloch flats are on sale at $68 here! Snow white is in nowadays, and a pair of Bloch flats is my first choice for travel. They are air-light and well made! I always buy Bloch flats half size up!

Using the code 'CYQN6YZ2F' to save 20% off at J.Crew (please leave a reply if you take the code, since it might be a one-time use coupon). Thanks~

Prada sport high-heeled boots are $109 at YOOX SALE (here)


  1. the boots are kinda cute but sold out.

  2. I noticed that items on YOOX went super fast

  3. I used Jcrew coupon today. I am surprized it still works.
    Thank you



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