Restyle Stuart Weitzman spats button boots & solid color Celine mini luggage @ barneys

sweater: Theory
vest: Vince
belt: JCrew
bag: Balenciaga
leggings: Sassybax (thick texture for winter days and gives great butt lifting & tummy control)

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed the weekend so far! We had a busy Saturday today, looking at two land and two houses. We are interested in a 1.5-acre land and hope to have a new built there. I miss the time  spent on gardening, organizing and cooking. Fingers crossed that we can get it. 

I paired these Stuart Weitzman boots with leggings and oversized sweaters today, which was the suggestion from my dear FABBY-lovers! Thank you so much!

From the front, the boots are just like black pants, while from the side you can see the difference...

The price of Celine mini luggage went up from $2400 to $2700 from Jan, 2013! It seems that Celine may follow the path of Chanel to increase their price like a skyrocket :(. But there were several solid colored mini luggage bags in the New York Barneys @Boston Copley. Ladies, if you are interested in this bag, go to get it. Solid colored ones normally went super fast! I love taupe and orange ones which have a contrast color trim. The nano size one is $2500 now.

Thank you for your reading! Enjoy your Sunday~


  1. Wow, you look fabulous! I would love to get a vest maybe end of this year haha. Too bad I missed all the big sale I wish I can found your blog earlier:)

    BTW, how do you like the scarf blow? They are not on sale though:( do you think they'll on sale later?


    1. This scarf is absolutely elegant and has a nice size! My favorite color is camel! If your skin complexion is pale, trench color should be pretty on you too.

  2. I love your outfit! When you were at Barney's, did you see if they had the Celine mini luggage in Black?

    1. Yes, I did ask the SA and he said there were 5 in stock.

  3. Which Barney's in New York may I ask? I want to call so I can get one. Thank you :)


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