Vince overdyed fur vest VS. DVF vest

Hi all! Any plan for the last weekend in 2012? After took a long break for Christmas, I worked in the past 3 days. 
sweater: Carven
fur vest: Vince (or here)
coat: Opening Ceremony
jeans: rich and skinny
boots: Via Spiga
sunglasses: Chloe
belt: JCrew

I did not pull off this Vince fur vest since I got it two days ago; in the other words, I wore it for continuous two days. Fortunately, there were only few people on my floor. It is as light as a feather! When my husband picked up the package, he could not believe there was an oversized fur vest inside. But it functions like a thick down-filled vest, keeping me warm in chilly winter days (36F today!). The color is called 'blue spruce', but it seems to be very dark green in the sunlight.
Though the vest looks bulky, it can be easily layered underneath a coat. Is its long raccoon fur collar like a scarf?
It is on sale at $646.20 in Saks Fifth Avenue and the item number is 0822508999224. It may be even cheaper if you can get it with an extra 50% off (let us say new year day or later during consolidation sale). However, due to the economy rebound people bought them with >$1000... It was sold out in many stores already. It is $719 at www. as FINAL SALE. Mine is size small (xs was sold out in SFA company) and fits well. I tried a medium size one in store and found the arm holes were a little bit big for me, even as an oversized vest. Be aware that this vest is made with fur (only hair) on knits without lining, and you may not be able to do any alteration of size. 
It is hard to tell the color indoor where it is just like black. By the way, I wore it with crimson (light weight sweater and ankle boots) yesterday.

Thank you for your reading and Happy New Year!


  1. Like it very much. Do you wear this to work? Really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. I did, yesterday and today~ But had to take it off, it is too warm...

  2. Replies
    1. dear, you made or I made? lol, yes yes I will keep both.... How is your DVF?

  3. Yuan, do you have to do bench work in the lab? I used to be a Bio major years ago and cannot imagine I can do any bench work with a fur vest. :-)
    Happy new year to you too!

    1. The vest was in my draw when I was in the lab, where it was too warm to wear it.

  4. Yuan, you should be the model for these fur vests. I would never think of buying them when I saw the online pictures. But now I want both too. :-)

  5. 新年好!第一件真漂亮!能不能问一下burberry的风衣你是穿几号的?我1•63,115磅,IT36,相当于美国2号可以吗?我jcrew的风衣穿0号,但是欧洲衣服似乎要小很多,谢谢,新年快乐!


    1. I wear Burberry Brit size 2 (no extra room!), and I am 163cm, 109-110 lb. You may need Burberry Brit size 2 or 4, depending on your figure. If you choose size 2, you may not be able to wear any chunky sweaters underneath. Size 4 should be safe.

  6. I thought I have the figure very much like you, now I have to lose 5 more lbs, haha, ok, I'll take size 4 thank you so much!


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