Vince crewneck leather jacket & easy hair buns for long hair

I like doing hair buns during the winter time, getting static electricity out and keeping my collars clean. For my moderate amount of long permed hair, this (as shown above) is the easiest way I found so far. Step 1 is optional. Gently backcombing the hair at the crown and smoothing some hair over it can lift hair and avoid 'flat head'. Over teasing may damage your hair. I normally use a tail comb teasing the crown just a little bit.  A pair of spin pin (one from the top and the other from the bottom) holds the bun in position (step 3 and 4). Lastly, use jaw clips (or hair pins) to secure the bun and add some blingbling. I prefer no bobby pins and hair spray. It took me couple minutes and lasted all day. If you like a messy look,  you can simply loose the hair on the crown.

Coat: Burberry hoodied jacket (with warmer)
Jeans: AG 
Booties: Prada
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Thank you for your reading!


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