Red, Fuchsia and electricity blue: extra 20% off Neiman Marcus sale

Happy Monday, everyone! Woke up in the morning, and found couple eye-catchy bags on Neiman Marcus website (with an extra 20% off). Can't wait to see them lying outside of my door!

Why do I like this bag? Color, size and shoulder strap!
This bag was sent back to NM. The shoulder strap is not adjustable and way to long for me. The width of the should strap is also too narrow, not proportional for the bag. The color is okay, but not as good as I expect (darker than it was shown in the picture).

Why do I like this bag? Color, and convertible shoulder strap!

Reed Krakoff mini bag also comes in electricity blue, which I tried in Saks Fifth Avenue earlier. It is definitely an eye candy.

I can see how pretty it will be in summer days, with a white tee and pair of jeans... Reed Krakoff bags juxtapose utility with femininity, functional, chic and sophistic! Fun colors, though I won't pay full price for them, are nice to be included in the closet pairing with the warm days outfits.

I will update the details of these two bags after I receive them, and make my decision (keep or return)...

Thank you for your reading and happy shopping!


  1. The MJ bag looks pretty good. Looks forwards to seeing how it works out for you.
    I got a MJ quilted wallet earlier, the exact color of your bag.

    1. How do you like the red? It is hard to tell from these online pictures.

    2. It is kind of red good for Winter wear.

  2. I am a big fun of the elec blue as well. The one you got looks a little bit small though, is it?

    1. it is too small for a winter outfit. Should be okay with a tee and pair of shorts?


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