Camel: CH Carolina Herrera cropped coat & Chole bag

 Coat: CH Carolina Herrera
Bag: Chloe
fox fur scarf
No matter what your style, sporty or ladylike, there is a thing to spices up your cool-weather wardrobe – a camel colored coat! This cropped coat was made by CH, Carolina Herrera. The flattering cut gives it a poncho look when pairing with a skirt or dress, classic, elegant, yet not too dressed up. Camel is a very easy-going fall/winter color since it creates a great combo with black or brown. If you live in a warmer place, adding some bright colors like orange or white might not be a bad idea either.

And the choice for the accessory is my little mocha, super soft fox fur scarf. It has already become one of my perfect and affordable luxury accessories to put on for any coat and sweater. It instantly tarts up a boring outfit before you even know it. Another thing is, it won’t make an ageing look as formal fur coats or jackets do. The pictures were taken at Princeton on a crispy sunny day in late autumn, three weeks after Sandy attacked this area. The campus was in peace, and all of the fears, cold, and stress gradually subside. I could feel the routines we have established that get us through the day were coming back. The ugly truth about Sandy is, she showed us how transitory life really is, and how things could be easily out of our control.

Wish you a happy holiday season!


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    1. Credit should be given to Yuan. She helped me get it 2 years ago.
      Happy holiday, Lucy!

  2. Welcome to stop by! Let's get ready for holiday shopping! :-)

  3. Let me know if you have additional shopping plan this year, I'd like to follow. I am taking off for the rest of year, read books, take a nap and catch some good deals! :-)

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I came across this blog and found that you look so much like one of my old friends whom I lost contact for years. I am not sure if you are really her. Did you go to RPI about 10 years ago?

    1. Yes yes, she was there a while

    2. Hi Anonymous :-)
      Yes, that was me! May I ask whom you are? Welcome to fabbylife!

    3. I am He. Still remember me from RPI? :-)
      Nice to see your pictures here. Please send my hello to Lao Luo!

    4. Hi Fangxu!
      Liye and I are both in NJ. Stop by whenever you can.
      Best wishes to you. Merry Christmas!

    5. Hi Hongbin,

      I am now in the DC area. You are welcome to stop by if you ever visit DC in the future. My email is sherhe AT gmail dot com.

      Happy holidays to you and your family!



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