Burberry snow white down coat & Zara, JCrew new buys

Hi all, I picked a Burberry snow white down coat for the snowy day today.

White and red combination, as a hint of holidays, gives strong contrast, which is perfectly balanced by the camel accessories (scarf and shoes). The red stripes on the Burberry scarf also matches the color of jeans.

(Burberry down coat + Theory sweater + Rich & Skinny legacy jeans + Gucci boots)

A long time girl friend of mine came to visit me this weekend, and we had a lot of fun of chatting, enjoying food, and shopping! I feel so blessed to have many friends in my life. By myself, I may be able to shop for an hour or so and then get bored; while today, we shopped all the afternoon! Of course, I bought several lovely clothes!

(Zara dress + Maison Boinet belt + Chanel pumps)

Zara maroon & black stripped dress. This dress attracted me at the first sight. The color combination and the style are exact what I am looking for. There is no lining, but the shell has a thick texture. It has an expensive look, though it is made with viscose and polyester. The shoulder pads give the dress more structure. As other Zara tops, it runs small (I wore small here, instead of my normal size xs).

I like to wear a skinny belt to define my waistline. The Maison Boinet belt is the one I bought from INTERMIX at this black Friday (made in France, size 65, similar style here). The golden belt buckle matches the golden zipper. For those thick textured shift dresses, I prefer to folding them carefully under the belt. To secure your folds, you may use double-sided tape.

(J.Crew top and jeans + SF pumps)

J.Crew has 30% off purchase of $250+ currently, including both full price and sale items. The sale is NOT final! I picked a pair of toothpick skinny jeans (28'' inseam, size 24 - J.Crew runs one size large for me; online here, but they were $49.99 before 30% off in store; color is called PK5652, and item number is 099102855558). I bought another pair in yellow (YL5590) at $39.99 before 30% off, and the item number is 099102625090

Lustre lace mockneck tee seems to run one size up too, and I bought xxs ($69.99 before 30% off). It comes in two different colors, navy and light pink. The item number for the navy one is 099102865764, and the pink one 099102865775. The quality seems to be great, very thick cotton texture and machine washable. It also has a matching cami for coverage.

(J.Crew silk dress + BV pumps)

I also took home the J.Crew collection paisley jules silk dress at size 0 ($99.99 before 30% off, and the item number is 099102774856). It has two front pockets, and full lining. I haven't decided to keep it or not. Readers, any suggestion?

Thank you for your reading and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. The lace top and zara dress both are nice. The silk dress is just ok.

  2. love the zara dress, agree that the silk dress is soso

  3. I got the same zara dress yesterday, haha...


  4. Thank you all! I decided to send the JCrew dress back. The polyester lining is a little bit annoying. I wish JCrew used silk or light cotton lining...

  5. All look great on you!


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