Burberry Glossy Puffer Coat & Turquoise Cashmere scarf: my closet strategy

Happy weekend, everyone! 

I love wearing something more relaxed or a little bit different in Friday, though we don't have a restricted dressing code at the university. I decided to wear wool shorts with knee-high boots today, taking the advantage of this mild winter day. To brighten up my black outfit, I wore a turquoise cashmere scarf. This Burberry cashmere scarf was bought 4 years ago with less than $100 in Saks Fifth Avenue. Burberry solid color cashmere scarves are bigger than their classic plaid ones and you definitely can wrap three loops around neck. The plaid ones, unless you pick men's version, can barely be wrapped two loops. Because of its size, it still stays in my closet. (I sold at least 4 other Burberry scarves due to the size). Mentioning 'recycling' or 'cleansing' the closet, I normally do it with 3 steps: first, I sell my big name designer items (like Burberry, LV etc.) and popular brands (like JCrew) on Ebay. If you buy them with good deals, you may get most of your money back; second, I sell plain styled clothes to local stores, like BuffaloExchange. Unlike those consignment shops, BuffaloExchange inspects your clothes immediately, and gives you cash at the spot. They like loose fit t-shirts (no graphic, no holes), plain styled jeans (no cropped, no holes...), simple sweaters and coats. They care the style (simple and plain) more than brand, though they do pay more for the brand. For example, they paid $8 for a Gap sweater (pink, cotton, loose fit); Lastly, I donate the clothes rejected by BuffaloExchange (or any other stores) together with kids clothes to goodwill. Interestingly, there always is a goodwill store nearby, lol... Readers, do you know any other stores that take pre-owned clothes in your location?

By the way, did any one shop JCrew this week? I found that they added lots of clothes to the sale rack (with an extra 30% off) which were not even on sale last weekend! I picked a blythe silk blouse (mauve blush)a sequin stripe tee (vintage champagne) and a mixed leather rivet belt (it was $19.99 before the extra 30% off in store). The silk blouse has a relatively thick texture than the early version, and its color is warm enough for my skin complexion. Size 0 fits me very well (I will say it is true to size). The sequin stripe tee has a decent look, and better quality than the long sleeve one released after summer. I picked size small instead of my normal size xs. Currently, JCrew offers 30% off $250+ online with free shipping. If you shop online, the sale items are not final! Don't forget to use ebates to an extra 6% cash back. Happy shopping, ladies!

Down coat: Burberry (good style here)
Sweater: Vince
Shorts: Rachel Zoe
Scarf: Burberry (different color, here)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Marc Jacobs

Thank you for reading, and have a good weekend!


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