Fresh squeezed pomegranate & apple juice

Happy Thursday!

Pomegranate, Apple, Pineapple Juice (4-5 serving)

skinned pomegranate X 1 (read here for the healthy benefits of pomegranate)
Granny Smith Apple (medium size) X 3
Fuji Apple ( medium size) X 3 ( you may substitute to any other sweet type of apples)
Pineapple ice cube sized X 8
Lemon wedge 1/4
Fresh squeezed juice vs. smoothies?

 I have owned a Vita-Mix for 3 years thus far, by which I made all kinds of smoothies, dipping sauses, soy milk and peanuts butter (I will definitely share my recipes later). However, my 2 year old daughter likes fresh squeezed juice more. Everytime we go to Beachwood Mall, she asks a cup of it. A medium cup of fresh squeezed juice sells for $5.25. Fresh squezzed juice is healthy, less sugar and no added perservatives. So I decided to make it on my own, saving money and providing every family member healthy juice daily. After an intensive research including online products reviews and YouTube videos, I decided to give the Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver Juicer (or here with 300 reviews available) a try.
It has been 3 weeks since I bought my Omega Juicer. I use it daily, and I am very happy with it so far. Omega VRT350HD Vertical Silver Juicer utilizes a low speed juicing system which squeezes, rather than grinds, to allow the juice to maintain their natural color, taste, nutrients and vitamins.

This juicer has a 10 year manufacture warranty, which is important for investing an expensive kitchen electronic.

Where to buy? Any deals?
Mine was bought from Bed Bath & Beyond along with a 20 percent off coupon, my luck. BBB also offers a generous return policy which always influences and secures my purchase choices. You may also purchase BBB gift cards from for an extra 10% off. Another choice might be buying from Amazon to save sell tax and time. Amazon also has nice return policy. Some grocery stores have Amazon GC, buy from where you can save for gasoline purchase.

Which do you like more, smoothies with pulp and fibrous cellulose or juice? Do you have your favorite healthy juice recipes to share?