Daily Hair Care: Organic / Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

You may hear many good words of these high-end hair care products, from SAs, fashion magazines, celebrities and probably your friends. After seeing them sitting on the shining shelves in those luxury department stores, I could not help switching from supermarket products to them. I admit that they are better than most $3 supermarket shampoo/conditioner, milder, smelling better and leaving my hair softer and more shining. So I have been using these 'brand name' products for almost 7 years. Until recently, a girl friend of mine, who works in a pharmaceutical company, introduced me couple organic products. Mentioning organic shampoo/conditioner, actually I used them on and off when I was pregnant with my son. By then, my overall impression of organic shampoo/conditioner is old-fashion soap! They left my hair super dry, dull and hard to comb!!! This was changed after I used the following products for two months. I also asked my hubby to test them, and couple girl friends as well... Most of us have the same impression so far. So I decided to share my experience here.

My third order came to my door today, my favorite shampoo, conditioner and two face cleansers I plan to give a try.

> 70% organic content; no parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate. 100% vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing.

Burt's Bees very volumizing with Pomegranate  shampoo / conditioner

98.8% natural; no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals; sulfate free!

I noticed the difference since I started to use them: 1) my hair was 'lighter' that I barely could feel the weight. From this perspective, they are as good as Sisley botanic shampoo which costs $84; 2) my hair is more shining after couple weeks, as good as FF shampoo/conditioner; 3) I noticed that my hair fall decreased. Since I started using them around Sep., the change of hair fall could be biased due to the season-transition; 4) daily use (sometime twice a day if I hit gym more frequently) did not make my hair more greasy or damaged the endings (I have long permed hair). Since they are natural, all my family are sharing them -- less bottles in my bathroom now! Well, my hubby complained that his hair was more oily after using Burt's Bees pomegranate shampoo, and apparently he likes Avalon better. So far, they function just same, if not better than, as those luxury brand products! 

Bare in your mind that both Avalon and Burt's Bees have different shampoos, and I only tried Avalon Lavender and BB pomegranate so far. My g/f told me some other lines from these brands were not good to her. If you would like to try these organic shampoo, I suggest buying them from your local Whole Foods. You can definitely return them if it doesn't work on your hair. WholeFoods has nice return policy, 'no question asked'!

Dear readers, do you have any good hair care products to recommend? If you used or are using these two organic lines, would you mind sharing your experience here? Thanks!


  1. I tried the Avalon one while I was pregnant. I didn't like it. But I will try the Burt's bee one. By the way, where did you order those? I assume you knew the better price site.

    1. When my g/f introduced Avalon to me, she mentioned that some Avalon was not good~ I used Lavender one which doesn't dry my hair. I read review of Avalon grapefruit shampoo on DRUGSTORE, and am trying it now. Same as Burt's Bees, I only use POMEGRANATE shampoo!

      If you want to give Avalon Lavender (which may have new formula now) another try, I would suggest you buying from WholeFoods. If you don't like it, you can return easily. Their return policy is "no question asked". Same as Burt's Bees pomegranate shampoo.

      If you like shop online, Amazon has all of them (check the link in my post). But return might not be as easy as buying from local stores.

  2. I've tried different organic shampoos/conditioners from whole foods as well as many other expensive salon products including Fekkai. The ones I like most are Avalon, Burt's Bees and Fekkai. But Fekkai is very pricey. Both Avalon and Burt's Bees work well for me if not better than Fekkai. They have a nice smell and leave my hair shiny, soft and straight (I have long and fine hair). I love all three brands. I wish Costco carries one of them in the future.


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