Weekend getaway in white mountains: Glen Ellis Falls and Mt. Washington

Hiking at Glen Ellis Falls

Hiking at Glen Ellis Falls

Mt. Washington summit, steam train. We did touch cloud at the summit!

We are proud to get there, the highest peak in the Northeast USA - 6288ft! But we conquered the mountain by driving along the Mt.Washington auto road. We are hoping to climb up there again when the little boy gets stronger! I know, it will happen in no time! By the way, it was so cold (mid 40F in the day, and lower 20F last night!) and so windy; so my hands were busy in most of pictures, holding my hat, covering my ears, rubbing my nose...

(Nathan wears my favorite long-sleeve tee by Hugo Boss)

Thank you for your reading! I am looking forward to sharing our next trip (New Orleans, Oct) with you!