Burberry Lime Color Rain Jacket, Hermes American Indian Scarf

I got this burberry rain jacket on sale three weeks ago from Saks.  The lime color is beautiful, it's brighten up my skin tone, and it's one of my favorite colors. The jacket is not thick, but will defiantly protect me from rain and wind. Right now, I put a T-shirt underneath, 2-4 weeks later, I will put a chunky sweater underneath to keep me warm. I love this jacket, and I know it will be in my closet for years, won't be "retired" until end of it's life span.

I received the Hermes American Indian Scarf as a souvenir gift. It's my first Hermes Scarf, and I am so impressed with it's beauty. My new jacket seems goes well with the bright scarf. Black sweater would also make a nice outfit with this scarf.


Jacket: Burberry

Scarf: Hermes

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Tod's