Drop a quick hello! If there is a word that can describe my life this week, it must be HECTIC. I get up before 5:45am (shower, dress-up, makeup, prepare breakfast, wake up my boy......). Then I drop off him to his summer camp (7 miles away from my home, opposite direction of my work) by 7am. Drive 75 minutes to work! My no-break work starts then.  Take off around 4:20pm (thank my boss for his understanding!!!), running to the parking! Drive at least 90minutes (rush hour!) back to pick up him~ I feel truly sorry to my poor boy, who has to be there for 11 hours everyday! Evening is even busier! The little guy needs go to bed around 8:30pm. So literally I have 2 hours to cook, feed him and wash him.

Admire myself!

Wore bright color to overcome the stress~~~


Dress: BCBG

Scarf: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo


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