Kate Spade leopard print silk skirt: black & white

Thursday is my favorite day among a week, because weekend is just around the corner :-). I am very excited that a long time girl-friend of mine will come over to visit us this weekend! Hopefully it is dry, and I can share some pictures here!

I am wearing the new purchase of Kate Spade leopard print silk skirt today (thick silk with full lining)! To match the color theme, I wear Anne Fontaine fitted shirt, white with black trimmed ruffles. I debated between black pumps and flats: pumps are chic, but flats are more comfy...... Flats won the battle today!

These pointed laced-shoes are the purchase from YOOX couple weeks ago. I have been waiting for a relative cool day to wear them, lol. Very comfy (soft leather, made in Italy), and true to size. I notice that pointed shoes are super in this season, from high heels to kitten heels to flats!


Top: Anne Fontaine (2011 fall)

Bottom: Kate Spade (I purchased from KS outlet store @ Wrentham, MA; 75% off; true to size)

Shoes: Thompson

Bag: LV (2006 ed.)

Belt: J Crew

Sunglasses: Fendi


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