Anthropologie Ganni Green dress & Floral scarf and wedge

This green Ganni dress one me is part of the spring collection from Anthropologie.  I am very fond of this type of  fabric  - thick cotton with elastane - since  it is comfortable and easy to care  (no dry clean is needed and it will never get wrinkled).   In the Ganni's Fall collection, there are one dress and two tops were made in the same fabric. All of these are extremely adorable.  I especially like the Peplum Ponte Tank, and I highly recommend it.  You can click on the link and see if it is your cup of tea.

The bright floral scarf was from J Crew.  I bought it because  it matches well with so many of my clothes/collections.  It adds colors to any outfit. It is simply splendid in spring and summer time.  It might be a little too "cheerful" for autumn and winter, but again, it depends on personal taste.

Well, It's Saturday again, I wish everyone have a relaxed weekend, and enjoy the activities in cool breeze and outdoor concerts on green lawns in the late summer.


Dress: Anthropologie "Gannie"

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Handbag: LongChamp

Watch: Michele

Scarf: J Crew



  1. Great summer outfit! Where did you get the fusia color long champ?


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