Zara red shorts with stud belt

Since we signed up for a family membership, we spend weekend mornings in the gym. So, my weekend looking is most likely to be t-shirt and shorts :). I wore my new buy, Zara red shorts today. I have kept my eyes on red summer skirts for a while, and eventually I took home a pair of red shorts. Will restyle it with white tops soon!

As to workout, now I alternate running (>30 minutes, @6.4 mph) and swimming (>1km, breaststroke and free style), 4 times per week. I plan to increase strength a little bit and add some weight training. We also plan to sign up for a climbing class. However, workout, sometime, puts couple pounds on me (instead of taking any off)! But it does keep my belly flat and waist small.


t-shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs

shorts: Zara (ON SALE! nice quality, true to size. I wear size xs: 5'4, 109 lb)

belt: JCrew


  1. We also signed up a family membership at lifetime fitness which is near by the I-271 new university hospital. It's huge, has outdoor and indoor pool. The monthly membership for Allison is only $6, and it has free 2 hour day care too. However the fee for min and me is little pricy through. I got very sick after a hot yoga class yesterday, slept a whole day, didn't eat any lunch and dinner. I am still feeling bad today.

  2. Our family membership is pricey, $980/yr :(
    Free 2-hour day care is great! I wish we had it here!
    Hot yoga is intensive~~~ never could do a whole session.

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