Sand and water fun @ 4th: white tee & silk skirt

We had a fun 4th today, and I hope all of you did as well! If you take a long weekend, I hope you have a great time in the rest of days!

 After the rain stopped this morning, we went to Castle Island. Though it was super super super hot (what else can be better than a white tee in such a hot day?), the coastal water is still chilling - I don't think I am brave enough to swim in the sea here - had some water & sand fun instead. Kids were very happy at the water & sand play :)


top: club monaco

skirt: Banana Republic black label

bag: Marc Jacobs

sunglasses: Chloe


  1. Hi dear,

    Which beach did you go? I am thinking to have a family trip to Cape Cod in late August.

    You look is clean and clear. :-)


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