2012 China Trip :: Huai An - My Second Hometown

Huai An (淮安), the place that I stayed during my middle-school and high-school, has changed dramatically these years, except the Farmer's  Market near my home, which is forever unforgettable.

Mom's Outfit:

Dress: Elie Tahari

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Chanel Flat

Kid's Outfit:

Top: Diesel

Bottom: J Crew Shorts




  1. Hi Yuan,

    Great to see you and Nathan are having a great time in China. How is he adjusting to the time change? :-)

  2. Dear Yuan
    I like the blck set, so graceful! Hope you and Nathan have a wonderful trip! jun

  3. Hi Lin,
    I take SLEEP AID to help the jet lag but it still bothers me sometimes.
    Have a great summer!

  4. Hi Jun,
    Thanks! We do enjoy our stay in China very much! Talk later.


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