Vince citrine colored jeans @ Austin

I spent all day today traveling from Boston to Austin, a long trip!

morning @ commute rail station

Boston was about 60F in the morning. I should have taken a jacket with me.

noon @ newark airport.

I called Michelle, telling her that I was only miles away from her :-) But only one hour layover.

Citrine colored jeans and pink watch - very happy spring/summer color combo.

early evening @ Austin downtown, heading to Piranha Killer Sushi house (nice sushi!).

 I decided to keep this Vince citrine jeans ($69.99 @ runway Tjmaxx, fits true to size; I am 5'4, 109lb, wearing size 25). But I am still debating on the Paige bright blue jeans, $59.99 @ runway Tjmaxx, fits true to size) - do I need those many colored jeans? Can they last for couple seasons?

As to this Vince one, it has about 8.5 inches rise, and soft texture (so I wore for travel). It also matches my Roger Vivier wedges well... according to my hubby :-) Nice to add some colored pants in the summer wardrobe.


Top: Juicy Couture silk blouse with apple button (old, but many of them are available on ebay)

Bottom: Vince (from runway Tjmaxx @ 69.99, same here)

Shoes: Roger Vivier

Watch: Michelle

Bag: Balenciaga city


  1. Every fashionable girl's mantra: "To look your best every time you go out."
    Pretty outfit you got there.

  2. keep the bright blue one, i suggest, becasue it is chic and reasonbly-priced, you can mix and match a lot.


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