Rainy day Manhattan: couple new buy deals

Most of the time I went to NYC, it was rainy. Today was not an exception, unfortunately. This was the only picture we took, very early in the morning. Apparently the little man was excited (museums and toy stores), and he totally forgot that he had been living in the city for a while before.

Columbus Circle was one of my favorite places when I was in Columbia Univ, because I love BOUCHON bakery :-)

Shopping is a must-do at Manhattan :-) and NJ as well.

I took home this Rag & Bone bromley blazer from SaksFifthAvenue on the 5th str. I was attracted by this blazer back to last fall (I tried this blazer in Rag & Bone boutique in washington DC, last Nov), but it was pricey then. Now, this blazer is on sale @ $297 in store (item # 886000206549, tel # 2127534000). It is true to size (both Michelle and I wear our true sizes). Though it looks similar to JCrew school blazer, it has better cut at the waist and better length (hits just above the hip).

Anne Fontaine outlet store in Woodbury has promotion now (buy one get the 2nd one 50% off; 50% off is applied to the more expensive item :-)). I bought myself a short sleeve shirt (item# 3399810834187, raison/deep blue, outlet price=$150; Size 36 & 38 both work for me, and I bought size 38), and a long sleeve stretchable shirt (item# 33998108388222, nuage/khakhi, size 38, outlet price = $131; the shirt I wore today underneath Rag & Bone blazer). With the promotion, two shirts added to $206, which is less than a regular price shirt  (I usually paid close to $300 for one shirt in their boutiques).


  1. green with envy, you gals have so much money to spend everyday!love the shirt, not a fan for the blazer though.

  2. Nathan looks so big in the first picture.
    Are you wearing jean not in skinny? I thought all your jeans are skinny ^_^.
    I like the blazer, just afraid the yellow piping may not go easily with other colors.
    Can you show me more picture about it?

  3. Thank you for the bakery! They are yummy. I finish all of the bread this morning. You are so sweet. The grey blazer looks fabulous on you in reality. The picture doesn't show it all. A little pricy, but hopefully it would be an essential piece.


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