M Missoni jersey print dress: last day in Cleveland

Today is our last day in Cleveland! We are excited to start a new life in Boston, and we will also miss our dear friends here in Cleveland! We hang out with our friends every evening these days, and thank you all so much for the nice dinners and wishes!

It is actually the first time I wore this M Missoni jersey dress out since I bought it in San Diego. It is an easy dress, and almost wrinkle free! It doesn't come with a belt, but I like to belt it to make myself look taller :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone, and talk to you in Boston!


Dress: M Missoni (from M Missoni boutique, in San Diego)

Belt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Bloch

Bag: LV


  1. You look fresh and comfortable. Have a nice trip. See your "Boston look" soon!



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