Happy Mother's Day!

Here is a lovely poem I received on the Mother's Day of 2010, when my daughter was in Kindergarten. I hang it on the wall of my office and glance at it if there is a chance.

I am your little flower, Mom
Please help me grow and bloom.
Take the weeds, and leave the roots
And give me a lot of room.

Mom, you are my gardener,
My sunshine, and my rain.
Too much will make me wither
With enough I'll bloom again

I am your little flower, Mom
I am different from the rest,
Don't pick me, Mom, just help me grow
To be my very best!

Happy Mother's Day! Gardener Michelle - Taken by my little flower Emma


  1. Hi dear, Happy mother's day! Today I plan to get some flowers and plant them in the backyard patio. I believe you will love them when you are here!

  2. love the poem, so touching. Thanks for sharing, michelle.

  3. I love it too, maggie! Simple yet touching.


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