Colors: neon pink, blue and mint

I flew back from TX Sunday night, and started to pack for the China trip. Though it is pretty warm in Boston, I have to wear long pants to cover my souvenirs -- 3 palm sized bumps from mosquito bites I got in TX. I am allergic to mosquito bites :-(......

As our readers suggested, I decided to keep both bright colored jeans! Here is the neon blue one, from Paige (I bought from Tjmaxx @ much cheaper price, but also available here).

To be safe, I paired the jeans with a nude colored top, cameral colored sandals and near-nude-colored belt.


Top: Burberry

Jeans: Paige

Sandals: Chloe

Belt: Fendi

Bag: Balenciaga

However, I was thinking about pairing neon blue with some bright colors -- like typical Juicy Couture  clothes doing, blue tee with hot pink, green or yellow prints.

When my boys did grocery in whole foods, I quickly checked JCrew.

JCrew Tippi sweater in neon pink 

(very bright pink, not as light as that shown on the website! I took home one in size small, 100% linen; Yellow Tippi is cool too, which is on sale online.)

 JCrew pullover in mint

(I tried both medium and small, and like the loose fit of size medium on me. It is $34.99 in store. I let this one go, considering I already have a Vince neon yellow pullover )

Look, how daddy dressed the little guy today :-)

Little guy doesn't like flight at all, even a 4-hr one. How should I keep him happy for a 12-hr flight?

Sunday, @ airport. I wore my Sinclair 10 striped tee.


  1. Just love your blue striking trousers! Amazing :) Great photos!

  2. neon+neon work! We just came back from Boston yesterday, whale-watching and sightseeing, it is a great place!


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