Busy moving: beer & deal

(Vince cardigan + Custo Barcelona shirt + JBrand Jeans + Tory Burch flats + Marc Jacobs cross shoulder bag)

Moving is exciting, but also overwhelming. I have dozens of huge boxes in our apartment, waiting to be unpacked and squeezed them in all space. Super duper busy :-(

Need some beer to cheer up!

SaksFifthAvenue starts 40% sale online already, and here are my picks:

Chie Mihara red jetaime suede sandals (ordered :-))

Chie Mihara Kandi rainbow suded & leather sandals

Vince cashmere pocket tunic (pretty peach-color!)

Happy shopping! I will try to resume our daily lookbook once get settled down!


  1. My dear friend, I wish I could do something to minimize your moving stress! Looking forward you and Nathan coming our way!

  2. I am redoing my second walk in closet, and it should be done this week. How about come over to my house some time next week? By the way, I lost my cell phone and your number,Damn. email me your number.

  3. Hi Yuan,
    You still look great even under the moving stress. Very cute T-shirt!
    BTW, the red shoe is sold out everywhere for my size. Too bad.



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