Henri Bendel scarf

 This scarf was forgotten in a corner since I took it home from San Diego, for almost two months. This morning when I debated between my Gucci and Burberry scarves (actually both are not great for spring), I suddenly saw this one in a corner! Exactly the color and texture I was looking for then~~~ my hidden treasure~~

And, the new Pompili flats. Pompili shoes don't require to be broken in! The insole of this pair is not leather, which "bothers" me a little bit. But it feels not bad at all.


Scarf: Henry Bendel

Sweater: JCrew

Pants: JBrand

Shoes: Pompili from Yoox 


  1. I believe every girl has some hidden treasure here or there in their closet. Good print pattern of this scarf. I also Love Henry Bendel's cute jewelries. How about you?

  2. They are cute and shining...but I am sold to them....


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