Florida Impression :: Gaylord Palms

When planning our trip to Disney World at Florida, we wanted to make sure kids could get the most of exciting attractions and amazing sights. Meanwhile, it is equally important to find a calm and comfy place to stay and relax. Traveling sometimes means tiring and overwhelming to little ones. A unique, peaceful, and beautiful place we all enjoyed this time was Gaylord Palms, a mile or two away from Walt Disney World.
Dinner at Sunset Sam's, a seafood restaurant inside the atrium. It features a lovely sailboat with seducing atmosphere. The food quality is about average to good.

We spent a relaxing afternoon/evening and got ourselves ready for Magic Kingdom the next day.


Scarf: Burberry

Top: Anne Fontaine

Bottom: J Brand

Shoes: Arche Oxford

Bag: Neverfull GM


  1. Love the scarf! and your makeup as well!

    nice hair cut


  2. your legs are so long and lean, nice figure!

  3. Alexa, your new hairdo looks fantastic! It seems that you were enjoying shopping in Boston downtown quite a bit when I was in Florida. Share them with us! xoxo from Michelle

  4. Hi Michelle:
    Love your new haircut. I'm not brave enough to try a new hair style. :-)
    Like your scarf. Can you tell me the name so I can call the store to see if they still have any left? I was in Orlando a few weeks ago but I did not see this one at the Burberry outlet. Thanks!

  5. Hi Lin!
    I am sorry I didn't keep the tag so I cannot give you the name. It is a giant check wool/cashmere scarf in Red/Pink. There were also blue/yellow ones available. The size is about 70cm x 220cm. Hope it helps!

  6. Thanks, Michelle! I will call the store to see if they have any left. Hope you and your family enjoyed Disney. It was very hot when we were there and I got very bad sun burn even with lots of sun lotions.



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