Casual Sunday & a "Marni-like" skirt (seeking suggestions)

A new week starts! I had a super "busy" weekend! Our potential house buyer set an inspection at 9:30 am Sunday. Nathan and I had to clean up the house and leave before that time. We two had breakfast and then went to Barns & Noble reading....... Here is the picture Nathan took for me at Barns & Noble. While Nathan read his favorite Star Wars, I read several fashion magazines.


Vest: Catherine Malandrino

Shirt: Anthropologie

Jeans: Gap always skinny

Shoes: Arche

Bag: Balenciaga

Then, about noon time, I checked Anthropologies (next door to Barns&Noble), and found this skirt:

It is called "paused movements skirt". The pattern and color somehow remind me "Marni" (here are couple Marni or Marni for HM pieces)

I tried it at home with a black silk blouse. Pairing with black is okay, but not the way I like. Dear readers, any suggestion for this skirt (good to keep? how to pair? )? Thanks!


  1. dear,
    fabulous skirt! but, ... i ran out of idea how to match it too. AF tops?


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