@Boston now: Cleveland is snowing!

@ star bucks, waiting for the commuter rail! It is hard to believe that it is snowing in Cleveland, and our lawn was white this morning! To fight with 34F weather but also get a spring-look, I wear my fur vest again~~ Apparently, I am in love with this vest, which is so warm and versatile! Will upload more pictures later today!


Vest: dyed lamb fur vest from saks fur salon

Jeans: Gap always skinny

pumps: Pompili

Glasses: Jimmy Choo


  1. The Fur vest looks so comfortable and warm.
    Hope everything is going well with your moving.

    Do you know there will be any FF event in any department store? I want to buy a longchamp bag but can not find any deal recently. I'm goint to go to China next month, I thought a longchamp nylon bag would be great for travel. About color, does the Navy look pretty?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Saks should have their FF at the end of this month!

  3. Thanks for the information. I will wait for the deal


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