Ash IGGY lace up booties & seek suggestions for an orange sweater

Thank you Amanda, for getting me a pair of open toe booties (Ash IGGY, Amanda found this pair on sale @ $56 in Nordstrom Rack) ! Open toe booties actually are like dessert for me, not necessary, and I don't many chances to wear them in the northeast. But for such a good price, I don't mind having a pair in my closet!

The booties are true to size, heels are around 3'', and nice arch support. The front edge may "cut" toes a little bit, so they need to be broken in!

There are two different ways to wear them :

Suggestion seeking, our fabby readers! Thanks!

I tried an orange sweater (Tracy Reese) in Nordstrom yesterday, the color and loose fit style caught me. Especially, Nordstrom gives 20% off to match saks FF events! Should I take this sweater??


  1. the booties are cute and spicy.For the sweater, I will pass as it is too chunky on you and not for this season, save some money for spring/summer dress or shirt.

  2. Thank you Robin, you have the same suggest as Amanda!

  3. Just want to say thank you. I got my leopard wedge. It does go with any style and color. I love it.


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