Treats to myself : Diane von Furstenberg bright color tops

Blogging at Boston airport!

I bought some treats for myself today, for my >9 hours hard work yesterday + >2 hours commute time! I was almost broken!

Just drop a quick not of these three new purchase. I am falling in love bright colors now, probably due to the super beautiful sunshine these days... I plan to wear (actually am wearing) them with skinny jeans in spring and with shorts in summer.

Yellow - Diane von Furstenberg karin top

Cherry/Orange: Diane von Furstenberg new hanky top

The combination of these two colors represents a famous chinese dish, called "tomato fried egg" --- lol

If you are looking for a pair of perfect fitting shorts, try Rich&Skinny! I found this pair from Neiman Marcus, and so so so love it.


  1. Love that yellow top!


  2. [...] FAQs Treats to myself : Diane von Furstenberg bright color tops [...]

  3. the yellow one has a retro feel and I like the cherry one better on you.

  4. Thank you very much! Very happy color

  5. They are indeed comfy! I walked with them all day in Boston :)

  6. You are on the same boat with Michelle.


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