Maison Martin Margiela 22 laced loafers & Zara blazer: ivory and studs

Last week, I sent all my skinny pants to Nordstrom, shortening them to ankle length. Now they are good with boots, pumps and flats! This is one of those trimmed pairs. Does it look better to you? Thank you so much, my dear fabby-reader @@@, for this great suggestion!  --- please keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us!

When I showed my JCrew skirt & cardigan  outfit, I received a suggestion of pairing that outfit with MMM 22 laced-up loafers (and a big white clutch). Though I still like blue & cognac color combo, I love the aged looking of these shoes and the studded details as well. After several conversation with our fabby guest, Yezi, I placed my order and... received shoes today!

I haven't intensively worn it, but so far it is comfy! The leather is soft and it is not heavy at all! It will be great with light colored jeans, mini skirts or summer shorts. It is casual, but not sporty! Style is simple but has many details, studs, leather covered heel, and AGED effect. It is ivory rather than white, so I would not worry oxidation :), same as my Zara jacquard pattern blazer! So put them together.......(Please ignore my face! I caught nasty cold virus ... it is attacking my eyes, nose, and throat now! poor me)

Today's outfit:

T-shirt: Burberry

Blazer: Zara

Pants: J Brand

Belt: JCrew

Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela 22 (exactly true to size)


Here is a picture that I took yesterday, for re-pairing of silk wrap-around blouse & Theory sweater. Thank you, Robin, for your suggestion. Though I like the color contrast between fuchsia/pink and navy, the ratio could be an issue. Yesterday, I wore a pair of ink colored jeans and pink flats. So I still have my favorite color combo, but the ratio changed. Readers, do you like this better? (Jeans: Rich&Skinny; Shoes: Tory Burch)


  1. Thank you,Alexa for taking my suggestion, the new combo is cute and interesting.
    The white blazer and the MMM shoes look so fresh and young. I especially like the shoes which should be very flexible with almost all casual outfits in spring and summer.
    Btw, the shortening of your jeans is a very wise move.
    Could you tell me where you got the burberry T shirt which is so feminine?

  2. I bought from Bloomingdales at least 3 years ago... but once a while Burberry has cute t-shirts.

  3. [...] wore with solid black tops. Also, it is the first time I wear MMM 22 shoes with a skirt (also see here, with pants). The ivory shoes match this zara skirt perfectly! Happily received many compliments [...]

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