Happy Friday: grey jeans!

Happy Friday!

Eventually I found a pair of grey jeans! Grey is not as sharp as white, black or even ink color, but it gives a nice transition from winter dark colors to summer white!

 I restyled this Vince cocoon sweater cardigan today (winter pairing with leggings and boots here). With a pair of light colored jeans and cut-off mary jane pumps, I hope this look is more spring-like. Dear fabby readers, what is your way to create a spring look, using those pieces you buy for fall or winter? If you want to share your ideas, please email us your pictures (head-to-toes, or putting clothes, shoes together) to lovefabbylife@gmail.com.

A brief review of this grey Gap always skinny jeans:

1. Fabric can be different in differnt colors. I find that white ones are very stiff, while grey ones are soft!

2. Color dyeing can be different. The color is even for this grey pair, but my previous buy of fuchsia jeans did not have an even dye (I returned for this reason).

3. Size is different. White ones run smaller/tighter than other colors. I buy this grey pair at 25/0. By the way, the SA in jeans department (from Saks) told me that it is better buy skinny jeans with one size up and get waist trimmed by tailors ... unless you have killer legs! This rule works for me!

Overall, I am happy at the fit, color and price of this pair, and will keep it (already wore it today!)


T-shirt: Club monaco

Sweater: Vince

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Bag: Balenciaga


  1. To me the sweater looks too dark. I like the match of your pink(?) shirt with the gray gean.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. The fit of those jeans is super flattering! Very nice!

  3. Thank you! It is amazing that this Gap pair is as good as JBrand ones...

  4. Michelle has the same concern. The sweater is brown, but not super dark brown. After all, it is fall sweater, which is more chunky and darker than spring sweaters.....

  5. oh I love JBrand, but ill definitely have to pick up a pair from Gap.

  6. Hi Yuan: This Gap jeans looks great on you and it goes really well with the chie mihara shoes. I'm thinking to check out the jeans after I go back home next week. Have a great weekend!

  7. Try one size up, and tell me the difference :)

  8. which tailor service are you using? I never use any here and wonder how your experience is ....

  9. Those from Nordstrom or Saks ...

  10. For summer season it is most comfortable and looking gorgeous. Preferably this color is having some extra importance.


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