DVF leather dress

After working at home for an entire day yesterday (literally, 12 hours sitting in front of the computer), I decided to go out relaxing today no matter how much work left to do. I could not recall how many times I told myself not to leave things to the last minute ...

65F degree warm sunny weather in March Cleveland, barely to believe? It cannot be more suitable for wearing this DVF leather dress! I bought this leather dress after 2010 Christmas, but this was the second or third time I wore it. Cleveland seems to have only two seasons, summer or winter, in neither of which you can wear a black short leather dress :(

Along with the elastic fabric, this dress leather fits me like a glove!  I especially like the low back neckline, sexy but easy to wear. I was happily asked many times today for where I bought this dress :) This dress is one of those clothes in my closet which I don't have many chances to wear, but whenever I pull them on I am HAPPY.

Do I look like a giant in this picture? Lol, I was in a kids playground...... Good weather will last all this week, so girls, are you ready for spring?


Dress: DVF

Shoes and bag: Chanel

Belt: JCrew

Sunglasses: Fendi


  1. i think you could wear it under a coat in winter as long as you wear your long hair down.

  2. Super de duper cool, and, c-l-a-s-s-i-c!


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