Chie Mihara Ostrich printed pumps & Theory wool shirt

Greeting from Boston!

After 11- hour driving, we arrived at our new home last night! Apparently, Nathan doesn't like sitting in a car for that long :(, but he is happy at our new apartment. Actually, Nathan calls our apartment as a "hotel"! Moving out from a house into an apartment could be fun~~~ let us see.

Weather is great here in Boston, dry and warm! If I am not that tired after the long travel and nervous of the upcoming talk on Tuesday, I would like to have a stroll! Anyway, I will have lots of chance this summer :)

I got my first ebay purchase before we left for Boston yesterday, and I could not wait to wear them out today! I am falling in love with the unique design: a round toe, a cut-out front detail with leather trim cross-over, a black ankle strap with a gold-tone buckle fastening and ostrich printed leather! They are as comfortable as my other Chie Mihara shoes, 3.75'' heel with 0.75'' platform. Received lots of compliments today :) The brown/black color combo of the pumps is the biggest advantage. I can wear them with both black and brown tights! (They are true to size. The front cut-out part is a little bit tight for my right foot but okay for the left one - I will stretch it later.)

Drop a quick note here, I just ordered this dot-print scarf . I never saw it in store, but it is so pretty in pictures. I ordered the white scarf with black dots.


Shirt: Theory (wool, bought 3 years ago)

Jeans: Joes

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Bag: LV

Sunglasses: Fendi


  1. Pretty scarf, love it!
    Living in an apartment is not a bad thing. Less house work and more family fun!
    Dear, I am hooked by Helmut Lang. Got another pair of jeans today... wakaka.

  2. Is that funny? When we moved to an apartment from our house, my son called it ' hotel' too. :-) Enjoy.

  3. It could be a period of wonderful experience before your family finally settles down in your new house. After we moved in our house last summer, both my husband and my daughter's first wish was if we can move back to our previous apartment right away. More free time than you can imagine! Enjoy!

  4. Love your new Chie Mihara. The heels don't look as high as they actually are. What an exciting new change. Boston is one of the best cities you want to live and rise your child. Enjoy your temporary "hotel" live.


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