CATHERINE MALANDRINO silk jersey dress : deal of pumps at YOOX


I am back to Cleveland, continuing to enjoy warm weather here! My "photographer" moved to Boston, so I may only be able to post iphone photoes for a while (especially they will be taken by a little man).  It is the second time I wear this Catherine Malandrino dress out, if it is not the first time. I bought this one from a local boutique two years ago, exceptionally love its texture - very thick silk jersey. But silky jersey material shows your tummy more than you may think, so no heavy meals with this dress on.

Please ignore my face, I only had 5 hours or even less sleep last night. I guess I may look even worse than in these pictures. Also I realized that a black purse may be better with this purple dress? Anyway, I really like Catherine Malandrino dresses, which always fit perfectly! This one has features of wrapped front and assymetrical drapes.

Last week before I left for Boston, I suggested pompili pumps to my friend. It looks chic and comfy in the pictures and from the description. She ordered a pair and showed me her shoes today! It has great quality (made in Italy) and looks expensive. She already wore them for days, bare feet, and doesn't have any complain so far. I tried hers, and it is true to size. At $59, I could not expect more! It has the quality and look as those shoes at >$300. The shape of these pumps reminds me Chanel flats and SF pumps. Only downside is the rubber outsole. However, at the other hand, we do need some shoes with rubber soles for wet days, right? They are pretty light-weight, and soft! Girls, don't miss the deal. BTW, the purple one she ordered, the color is true as that showed in the picture. "We" -myself and some of our fabby readers- all ordered already. Don't forget to use to get extra cashback!


Dress: Catherine Malandrino

Shoes: Chie Mihara optimo pumps

Bag: Chie Mihara


  1. Thanks for the information. I ordered

  2. Going to check the pumps, btw I'd like to stay within the loop of being informed of good deal like this!tks

  3. The pumps have no half sizes. Should I order half size up or down? Thanks!

  4. I am 6-6.5, size 6 works for me. It is soft leather, so if you want to be super comfy, half size up should work. But if you have super narrow feet, I will say half size down? Soft leather is usually easy

  5. Do you know how to get free shipping?

  6. Once a while they have free shipping promotion. Not now :( I paid for shipping :( :(


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