Anthropologie embroidered eyelet buttondown

When we, girls, are excited by the recent unseasonal warmth, kids have a hard time! Nathan got strep throat, pink eyes, stomach flu (twice), and cold virus (twice) in the past two months. Besides sleep deprivation (which reminded me the time being a new mom), I have to carefully count how many vacation days left this year -- it is just the beginning of March :( Weather here, in Cleveland, is kinda crazy, even to adults. Yesterday it was snowy at 27F, but today it jumped to 50F and gonna be 61F tomorrow.

To accompany the sunny & warm weather, I put on my new buy  button-down shirt from Anthropologie. I bought the yellow colored one, but it is actually more like orange/pink. Personally, I like orange which is the second black in my closet. The eyelet gives this shirt a great touch. The size of this top runs small, I tried size 0 in store which was too snug for me (especially upper arm and shoulder part). So I bought size 2, which is a little bit roomy in torso, but not bulky or unflattering. Wearing by itself with a pair of skinny pants will be great in spring or summer.


Sweater dress & belt : JCrew

Shirt: Anthropologie

boots: Gucci


  1. Poor Nathan, The past two months must be hard for him and you. My son got stomach flu once, and that's the worst 7 days in my life.

    I love the sweather, very unique.

    wish Nathan health!

  2. My son has been coughing since last September, everytime after he was better for say, 3 days, he would catch another cold/flu from perschool classmates, I had to comfortmyself by taking it to be pain of growth.Luckily for you, you still have great figure to put on wonderful clothes.

  3. I heard a lot of women were fond of Anthropologie and myself quite enjoyed the deco and aroma of this shop, however I found it extremely difficult to pull on those pieces which look so nice on pics and models(and here on you) the cutting and patterns just do not fit me well, making me look either like an old lady or a stupid grup grownup.Maybe I am too huge for it.

  4. Would like to see a pic of you wearing this shirt itself with a pair of skinny pants?

  5. Thank you Amy, he is better today.

  6. You know, those kids never cover their cough...... so one gets sick, everyone gets sick....

  7. I have the same feeling that it is not easy to wear their clothes. Mostly, their clothes have too many details.....

  8. Hope Nathan gets better. My daughter has been catching cold every 2-3 weeks since Dec. I've got the virus from her twice in the last month. The sweater dress is very cute on you. I agree with you ladies on anthropolgie clothes. I've tried on many of their clothes over the years but can only wear a few of them.



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