Anne Fontaine ruffle shirt & Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flats: black, grey and white

These days are hectic. In the past 12 years in the states, we relocated at least 3 times. But all those were before Nathan and owing a house. We had a house showing last Sunday morning, 10 am. Nathan and I had to "wonder around", because nowhere opens that early in Sunday :( . Probably I need to take some vacation, relaxing ......I will schedule a trip to Texas in April.

Whenever I don't know what to wear, my hands reach Anne Fontaine shirts. Another outfit only has black and white. Since it is only 37F in the morning, I layered a wool sweater cardigan between the shirt and leather jacket (not shown in the pictures).

The black patent leather caps of my flats match the coated jeans, both of which are glossy~


Shirt: Anne Fontaine

Sweater cardigan: Banana Republic

Jeans: JBrand coated

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo varina flats (similar here)

I am a super fan of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, classic, chic and comfy! Bloomie currently has friends&family event (20% off), and it is a great chance to buy SF shoes now!

To get best deal:

1. Get 6% cash back from

2. Use friends & family coupon code FRIENDS to get 20% off.

3. Register an email account from to get 10% off.

Here are my favorites:

Size information: The SF vera pumps (regular leather), I wear size 6 (my normal size). SF varina flats in patent leather, I need size 6.5; while the flats in normal leather, I wear size 6.


  1. Thanks for the info.
    When will the FF event end? I registered an email account, but it was said to send me the coupon days later.
    BTW, which color do you recommend?
    Thanks again

  2. April 1st. I have black one, but I like tan too.

  3. Amy,
    Call their 1-800 number and just ask for the 10% coupon code. Tell them the email address you use to register. They will give it to you right away.

  4. Can i use 10% off and 20% off together I.e.28% off?

  5. ebates only has a 3% cash back now, remember yesterday it is still 6%.

  6. Yes yes.... it was a promotion... you ordered?

  7. i ordered today,lost 3% but got extra 10%off instead, thank you for the information.


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