Anne Fontaine ruffle cardigan and Salvatore Ferragamo: Black&white

Thank you Michelle, for helping me find this great deal! Here is the post for everyone, but especially for you! (I apologize for this cropped picture - a little bit scary, but I don't think the whole world want to see my sneezing face.)

Back to fashion. I have been considering an Anne Fontaine ruffle cardigan for years. I like their slim fit and ruffles with contrast colored piping (or leather piping). Of course, I love their unique scent. I even bought a bootle of Anne Fontaine room spray! I re-scented my AF clothes after each wear. A little bit silly, huh? Their cardigan are always pricy ($400-$500), and they only have 2 sales (20%-30% off) per year. There is no AF boutique in Cleveland, so I never bought their deals. Michelle bought this cardigan from Woodbury outlet, at 60% off.

Before I come up with other ideas, I put on only black and white colors. Pairing with a mini skirt is not bad but not that exciting, so I will try a circle or pleated skirt next time. Black pumps will certainly elongate my legs, but black/white flats can add more fun here.


Cardigan & Cami: Anne Fontaine

Skirt: Milly

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Here is the updated look, for today, with Zara pleated skirt.


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