Zara JACQUARD PATTERN BLAZER in white (cotton)

(The above picture is from ZARA website)

I know I should wait till it gets warm then show how pretty and cool this white blazer is, under sunshine; however, I also know Zara has a rapid turnover of fashion collections. So I decided to do a simple mix&match now. If you are interested in this white blazer, go to store and get it! By the way, ignore my face, I could not bother to get myself dolled up at 9pm.

Whenever I grab a white piece, I immediately reach a black one to match. The outfit on the model is absolutely feminine, with lots of lace. However, I will not be brave enough to walk out with lace shorts in nude color. Maybe someday I should, at least try to, step out of my comfort zone.

Quick review of this blazer:

1) Quality is good, 90% cotton. I folded it in my suitcase, and it did not get horrible wrinkles. It is fully lined, and have expensive-looking.

2) Size: as most ZARA clothes, it runs small. I bought size small (for your reference, I am 5''4, 108lb, and usually wear xs).

Some safe mix&match:

#1 = Zara white blazer + Anne Fontaine black cami + Zara black skirt + J.Crew leopard belt + Chanel patent leather pumps + Chanel classic flap bag

#2 = Zara white blazer + Club Monaco t-shirt + Rachel Zoe wool shorts + Chanel peep toe pumps + Chanel classic flap

Besides shorts and skirt, this blazer should be good with ankle length skinny jeans or cropped pants ......

What is your thought, dear fabby readers?

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  1. The first match looks prettier to me.

  2. Thank you Robin, my hubby voted for the 1st look too!

  3. I like the first look too!

  4. how about matching this blazer with a simple dress?

  5. This blazer looks versatile, I guess it should be able to match anything,dress up or down.

  6. Thank you all! I will try different ways, with jeans and dress. Will update soon!

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