Vince Uneven Hem Sweater @ super bowl day 2012

Today is a big day: super bowl game 2012, New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. Both of them are my favorite teams, new york ... and boston...

It was pretty warm during the noon today, which gave me a chance to wear my new Vince sweater with shorts. The color of this sweater is called Henna, a great color for my skin tone.  It is cashmere/wool blended, but soft-to-touch! The only downside is the size: it was size M (the only size left in the store). I usually wear size xs of Vince sweaters. Though it is two size up, the loose fit is actually not bad at all.

With a pair of comfy flats, I am ready to have a stroll! Can you believe the Chanel flats I wore here were purchased 7 years ago? I wore it in Cleveland, to San Diego, and walked in NYC..... It is still in great condition! I am thinking about another pair this spring.

No matter how warm it was in the noon, it is Feb of Cleveland. I changed into my Vince skinny pants out. The color of Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf perfectly built a bridge between my Vince sweater and Balenciaga bag.

Enjoy super bowl game!


Sweater: Vince

Jacket: Theory motorcycle leather jacket

pants: Vince

shorts: Rachel Zoe

Booties: Tory Burch

Flats: Chanel

Sunglasses: Pucci

Scarf: Marc by Marc Jacobs wonderland

bag: Balenciaga

Chinese Version


  1. an asian version of Paris Hilton look. :-)

  2. Love the color of this sweater. Can you let me know where you got it and the style number? Thanks!

  3. haha...... are you talking about my sun glasses?

  4. I got from Saks Fifth Avenue.
    Item # 8-22508-922444
    Color 216 HNA
    Style V077073650

    Actually the price from is not bad.

  5. Thanks! I'll check at local Saks stores.


  6. Your bag looks different under the sunshine, somewhat silver undertone.

  7. You are right. Anthrocite is cool under sunshine.... reflection!

  8. I saw huge debate on whether anthrocite carries greenish or blue-ish undertone in some other threads. What about the one you get? I stopped by NM store the other day; the SA highly recommeds this color as a work-purposed bag.

  9. Anthrocite is different every year. Mine (2011) is blue undertone. Anthrocite is more versatile than black.

  10. [...] especially with a pair of jeans and a loose fit top. I pulled out my Vince uneven hem sweater (wore here with a pair of black shots and flats), and matched her with a pair of skinny jeans and tall [...]


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