Sunday Workout :: The Bar Method

Hope everyone has just enjoyed a wonderful weekend! The weather on Sunday is gorgeous in northern Jersey. What you’ve done to get recharged for the whole week?

One thing I would like to share is my first step to adult ballet. Our piano teacher and friend Margaret sent me a sweet gift last week – one class in the Bar Method! She thought I would love it so she wanted me to have a try. Friends are the people who don’t need to say a single word but they know what you are really thinking about. Dear Margaret is.  In the early morning of Sunday, I met Coach Jeanne and Margaret’s friends. There were about 20-25 people in one class and most of them age between 30-50. Needless to say, everybody was in GREAT shape and attitude, more interesting, they all wore a little bit make up :-). It reminded me this is not the Y I have been doing workout all year long. This is a place called feminine and elegant. Well, once the training started, I didn’t feel my elegance any more. My legs are shaking, shaking, and my tears were nearly out (to be frank, they were out). When I thought it was time to get a break, instead, Coach Jeanne’s sweet yet firm voice in the air: “everybody is doing a fantastic job! Let’s count to another 40!”. Margaret has been practicing in the Bar Method for four years. When we walked out after class, she went:”Every time when my legs are shaking, I ask myself why I am doing things like this. However, I am so eager to come back next time… …”. I think that is also how my journey starts.

In a summary, the Bar Method focuses more on body sculpting and posture. It is the supplement of running and yoga, two essential pieces in my daily exercise routine. These years I also tried many other group activities such as Adult Hip Hop/ Tap, Zumba, Jazzercise, and Step Interval. It is not only about exercise, it is time to meet wonderful people, make friends, and get inspired, isn’t it?

The Bar Method

Weekend outfit:

Vest: 'S Max Mara Long Reversible Vest - Welcome to the Cube

Top: Nike Active

Bag: LV Neverfull GM

Sunglasses: Diane von Furstenberg


  1. the picture is so cool,like your vest.

  2. Dear, you rock this s'Maxmara vest! Want to see more pictures, and more pairings!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Bar Method! It is so interesting that I also stumbled upon the Bar Method website a few weeks ago while searching for adult ballet class. I signed up for my first class on this coming Sat. I'll see if I can survive!!!


  4. Hi Lin!
    You can do it! Share us with your experience.

  5. Hi Michelle,

    I did survive my first Bar Method class! I woke up this morning feeling sore everywhere. You were so right that many parts of my body were shaking throughout the class. Based on my one-hr experience, I felt this class definitely will tone and reshape my body. I actually signed up right after my first class. Since the class is 25 mins away, my goal is to be able to attend the class once or twice a week. My problem area is the middle section, which is the hardest part to lose weight after having the baby.
    I’ve been running 2-3 times a week, taking yoga class and also practicing the Youtube yoga Yuan shared with us. I have lost 3 pounds in the last 2 months. My clothes started fitting better and I started seeing changes in my abs and arms. Thanks to you Fabby ladies! You are such a insipration to me!

  6. Hi Lin!
    So glad you love it just as I do! When you feel good, you look good; and when you look good, you will feel good. Eventually you are REALLY good!

  7. Dear, I can't wait to attend Bar Method class, Apr or May..... will let you guys know.


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