Rebecca Taylor leopard-print Shirt

Picture taken by my boy, Nathan

Temperature drops back to 40F this morning, and I come back to my normal winter style: coat, sweater, skinny pants and boots.

I picked Gucci shearling boots today. To keep the central tone consistent (brown-orange), I wear Vince skinny strechable leggings (brown), Rebecca Taylor leopard-print shirt, Jcrew cardigan (orange), my orange burberry coat (see here) and Mulberry Alexa bag in pumpkin. It is the first time I wore this Rebecca Taylor shirt out. It is a bargain purchase from Tjmaxx runway, for only $20 (can you believe it was originally $155 in store). It is a little bit boxy on me, but the super soft texture makes it a good layer piece.

Vince strechable leggings are not that eye-catchy in pictures, but trust me this pair is a superstar in my closet. I got this pair from Tjmaxx too, for $34 (it was $275 in Saksfifthavenue last year). This pair lost a button (2pc jeans button) in Tjmaxx, and I spent $8 to ask my taylor to replace a new one. It is the life saver for all my brown-tone boots! Beautiful dark chocolate color.


Shirt: Rebecca Taylor

Cardigan: J Crew

Pants: Vince

Boots: Gucci

Coat: Burberry

Bag: Mulberry Alexa

Sometime I thought I should shoot a lot of pictures during the weekend, and post them out through the week. However, I am the kind of girls who usually decide what to wear in the morning, depending on the weather and my mood :). For this blog, we want to share what we wear everyday, rather than what we PLAN to wear, and listen to our readers' suggestions. Wearing gorgeous dresses, fantastic heels, sexy jeans does not work for me, though I will love to do that: first, I need to fit in our working environment. Second, I need to do routine work. Third, I am a mom and need to deal with my 5 yr boy who is very busy! So I decide to take pictures right before I take off every day, unfortunately, this mission can only be achieved by iphone.......... I will try to take good quality pictures during weekend. 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love the way how you dress today so so much. I think you look nice on bright colors.

  2. Thank you Maggie. I love bright colors too!

  3. Your bag matches the sweater perfectly. Guess what, I happened to hear from radio last month that the most "in" color for 2012 will be pumpkin.

  4. Love the orange color on you. It matches perfectly with the animal print top!

  5. Nice! What size do you wear for Rebacca Taylor?


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