Play with essential colors: white, black and orange -2

Keep playing with colors, as well as my white theory sweater (wore here with a red skirt, and similar as this at online store. I bought in saksfifthavenue, the item # is 883591534419).

Instead of pairing with a red skirt, here I paired it with a black one (very safe color combination). Since this Milly wool skirt is shorter than the red one, I tucked in the sweater. Leopard pumps and orange handbag, both bright up the outfit.

Which pairing do you like better, our fabby readers? Red & white, or black & white?


Sweater: Theory (similar as this, mine has longer back hem. I bought in saksfifthavenue, the item # is 883591534419)

Skirt: Milly

Pumps: B Briant Artwood

Bag: LV epi

Chinese Version


  1. I like both.
    But, if just comparing the pictures in which you wear the theory sweater, I like white+black better. I like the way you tuck the sweater in.

  2. I prefer the tuck-in look on you. I also ordered the white sweater. Thanks for the info.


  3. I have some personal questions to ask. Would you please let me know how I can contact you directly? Thanks a lot.

  4. Look how your LV epi goes with this looking. It is a timeless accessory.


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