Pack smart & travel light: style myself for 6 days in a carry-on luggage

I will stay in San Diego for ARO (association for research in otolaryngology) meeting in the next 6 days. I usually don't check any bags for domestic travel, because first, I don't want to pay the fee though it can be reimbursed, second, I don't want to take the risk of loss any stuff I will live with. So packing everything in a carry on suitcase is pretty challenging. I need clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, necessary electronics and their chargers, and also gym shoes & clothes......... a very big headache! I pulled things in and took them out, back and forth........ Eventually I told myself, "I am going to a big city, and I always can buy!". It is actually true, as a shopping lover I always buy something back. LOL. Anyways, those are clothes I packed for the next 6 days, for a local temperature 45-70F. Though I will present my poster, the overall dressing should be casual. I also limited shoes to be real walking shoes, which is super super super important for me!

Here are my plans~

#1:Burberry brit check print shirt + Anthropologie pants + Zara jacquard white blazer  (left one)

#2 Theory adalbert semi-sheer turtleneck white sweater + J Brand wax coated jeans + Marc by Marc Jacobs trench coat (keep me warm here, only 35F)

#3  Anne Fontaine black tank + JCrew eyelet pencil skirt + Elizabeth and James black blazer + JCrew belt + Cole Haan bootie

After a careful comparison between Anthropology and JCrew red skirts, I decided to take JCrew skirt, size 00. It is $118 in store. I can't bother to do an alteration of that Anthropology red skirt . The super long zipper at the back of that anthropology skirt needs to be shortened for sure.

#4 Anne Fontaine white shirt + JCrew eyelet pencil skirt + JCrew white skinny belt

#5 D&G black shirt (bought in 2003, 9 years old shirt) + JBrand jeans + Zara jacquard white blazer

#6 Missoni for target tank dress and cardigan

My suitcase is 90% full now...... Guess what will I do for the rest 10%? lol......

Enjoy weekend, and I will try to share you some pictures from San Diego.


  1. Terrific, buddy! How can you plan, pack, picture them in such a short time? When I talked to you yesterday, you haven't started anything yet. You have a new nick name now -- magician beauty. lol!

  2. i guess the 10% is for new buy. are you sure you won't pack something for summer, say, a pair of sandels?

  3. Lol, my brain focused on only new clothes, which makes the life easy :)

  4. Yea, just in case...... There are good shopping malls. No sandals this time.
    Gosh, Internet is so slow in Houston airport

  5. like all of them although I will prefer black bootie for picture 3.
    Have a nice trip


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